See here for more information on various terms mentioned in the stories. Currently in order of appearance by story.


GMIS: A Goblin Market in Soho / BFUS: Bad Faith, Uncivil Society / PW: People Watching

Sec. (Section in Story) – B (Beginning), M (Middle) and E (after the Middle bit)…


COMPANY, THE Organisation (Supernormal) London’s secret guild – The Worshipful Company of Magician’s GMIS B
SECOND SIGHT Paranormal Attribute Sensitivity to magical energy(ies), natural and honed. Actually manifests through all senses, though sight is the primary sense through which someone understands the perceptible world, natural or otherwise… GMIS B
OTHER, THE / OTHERWORLD Realms The supernormal realm that lies contiguous to our ‘mundane’ one; also ‘Faerie’. Part-understood to exist in the unconscious or spirit of the world… GMIS B
DEMI-AEVUM Realms Technical term. Can apply both to The Other / Otherworld / Faerie and the near-Other as well. GMIS B
CANTRIP Gramarye A small or minor spell (Scots origin – Got an app for that). GMIS B
NEAR-OTHER Realms The near-Other is the closest aspect of the Other, closest not in strictly geographical terms how metaphysically deep one has gone into the Otherworld – and therefore how easy it would be to get out again… Includes the border between the ‘real’ world and the other… GMIS B
KOBOLOI, KOBOLDS Races The most generalised term for goblin-kind and their wider ‘family’; from the Greek Koboloi, Kobold(s) being used in modern-day Germany GMIS B
GOBLINS (GOBELINS) Races Ugly little blighters with low cunning. Like the Fae some of them are naturally possessed of a magical nature and abilities, but by no means all; and those without are no less dangerous with a knife instead of the hokum… GMIS B
FAE Races Generic term for the creatures of the Other, whether human-like and size or the only vaguely man-like in shape or stature. All are possessed of a magical / supernormal nature, the majority with magical capabilities of a greater or lesser degree. GMIS B
OTHERKIND Races Generic term for the creatures of the Other… (see Fae) GMIS B
CAER LUD Historical / Geographical Allegedly an old name for Lonon, dating to the time of the legendary King Lud. GMIS B
CAER LUNDAIN Historical / Geographical Allegedly an old alternative name for Lonon. GMIS B
THE WORSHIPFUL COMPANY OF MAGICIANS Organisation (Supernormal) The magical authority with formal responsibility for supernormal matters in London and (the majority of) the rest of the UK as a whole. Comprised of numerous traditions and associated ones. Generally simply abbreviated to the Company. (Alt. Formal: “…of the Magicians of London”) GMIS B
THE FELLOWSHIP OF ALBION Organisation (Supernormal) Britain’s second largest organised membership body of practitioners of magic. Rather less organised and uptight next to the Company. Historically a loose association of pellars (expellers) and other magicians itinerant and locally based throughout what became the United Kingdom. Historically distinguished by apprentices being taught collections of spells / cantrips rather than distinct spheres of magic (as with the Company). Today most apprentices learn a combination, regardless of which association they come from. GMIS B
FOXFIRE Gramarye Basic spell / Cantrip – conjures a magical light. Colour can be variable but adjusted and intensity moderated with many forms. Also called wisp-light. GMIS B
HEDGE MAGICS Gramarye Variously used to refer to minor magics (cantrips), rubbish magic, minor bits of paranormal knowledge, and outright bunkem, intended or otherwise. GMIS B
WIZARD Practitioners The proper term is magician. GMIS B
COLD IRON Substance Poetic for a blade weapon (which would be made of iron). Generally refers to iron with a degree of purity. Good against various supernatural stuff including goblins (though it may just be that they like in the same way they don’t like a hard wooden knobbly thing with which they’re being hit). GMIS M
BEFUDDLEMENT Gramarye An enchantment that addles the mind of the target. GMIS M
COUNTERS Gramarye Defensive magical techniques that deflect a given type of magical attack GMIS M
SPELL-BINDINGS Gramarye Generally refers to subtle magical working that progressively places a limit on a target (movement, capacity to think etc) and / or enables other enchantments to be bound to that person GMIS M
GESTURES Gramarye Movements – pretty much exclusively hand movements – which assist or enable the execution of a given spell. Magician’s collectively debate whether they work as a psychological component or are objectively necessary. Pointing can be quite helpful apart from anything else. GMIS M
HEDGEY Practitioners Diminuitive of ‘hedge wizard’. Derogatory. Used by goblins. GMIS M
CALLING, NAME Concept Knowing a person or entities name can be rather handy in certain magics or spells… GMIS M
BLACK SHUCKS Creature Oversized supernatural pooches, black, sometimes with freaky red eyes. Tends to be a catch-all for ‘devil dogs’, faerie hounds and simply monstrous canines of exotic origin. There are legends the world over. GMIS M
TROLLS Races A whole other story… GMIS M
SPIRITS Pneuma Disembodied entities with at least a sliver of consciousness. Not always bad, just mostly, and usually bad news either way. GMIS M
ACCORDS Realms Binding agreements between mortal man (as represented by magicians) and the Fae… GMIS E
APOTROPAIC (INCANTATION) Gramarye From Greek apotrepein (apo- “away” and trepein “to turn”) – arcane knowledge and practices that ward off harmful supernormal influences. GMIS E
MALACHI’S GLOBE OF RUIN Gramarye An offensive spell which conjures and projects a purple fireball. Hot, and has a bit of welly to it. Noteably used by a few traditions, including a certain sect of necromantic cultists. Best avoided, especially if incanted by a competent and experienced practioner. If they’re not it’ll still probably knock you on your arse and singe your eyebrows – if so… well let’s leave it at best avoided. Seriously. BFUS B
BAALIST Necromancy A member of a baal cult who worship / appease and possibly summon entities from beyond BFUS B
ESDRAELONS Necromancy A particular baalist cult / tradition – like the Judean People’s Front BFUS B
ESDRAELONIANS Necromancy A particular baalist cult / tradition – like the People’s Front of Judea BFUS B
GILBOAN WITNESSES OF THE ACCURSED MOUNTAIN Necromancy A particular baalist cult / tradition – like the Popular People’s Front… BFUS B
THE HOUSE OF ASHTAROTH Necromancy A particular baalist cult / tradition… You get the idea. BFUS B
CHYMICAL Alchemy Westernised ‘Alchemy’ on the way to becoming modern ‘chemical’; retained only in the magical community, generally to specify compounds formed through alchemical knowledge and procedures but without active magic being used in its creation and / or magical energy or qualities being bound into its substance. BFUS B
DUST OF MORPHEUS Alchemy An alchemical preparation that causes unconsciousness, primarily through inhalation but also through prolonged exposure. BFUS B
HOKUM Colloquial Slang for magic in a general sense BFUS B
ENDORIANS Necromancy General term for members of a cult claiming its origins as being the biblical Witch of Endor, or from that region at the very least. Not wise to mention Star Wars around these guys. Not wise to be around these guys full stop. #Evil #Warped #Tossers BFUS B
BAALOB Necromancy Hebrew – A master (Baal) of spirits (Obs) BFUS B
BAAL Necromancy Hebrew – Literally ‘Master’. The honorific of rulers, the gods of ancient cities, also for the masters of many baalist cults. If any god-Baal’s existed or still do they would technically be Obs as well (spirits) and those leading their summoning would be Baal’s as well. It gets bloody confusing but that’s the least of your worries if you encounter them. BFUS B
YURI GELLER Known Individual, ‘celebrity’ Psychic, self-attributed: Israeli bloke with the power to bend spoons. Appeared on the cover of tabloids with headlines like ‘I WILL CURE YOUR WATCHES’. If a dark lord’s plan for world domination involves sorcerous horology or working through your cutlery drawer call immediately. BFUS B
ATHAME Implement A blade used in rituals, a ceremonial knife BFUS B
KITH Society Non-magician but aware members of supernormal society; alternatively used as an inclusive term for magicians and aware members… BFUS B
WARD Glyphics A symbol drawn in a particular substance and imbued with magic for a desired effect, protection / apotropaic or offensive in some fashion. Note, the enchantment is of the symbol itself, not the surface on which it drawn (see Artifice, Charm / Talisman etc). Neither is it a straightforward Symbol / Glyph which may have defensive qualities on its own account and / or the substance in which it is drawn. BFUS B
HUSH-WARD Glyphics Exotic ward ‘defending’ an area from sound – thus keeping listening ears at bay and so wagging tongues still. BFUS B
SLING Weapon Used by a number of magical traditions to launch payloads of an appropriately offensive substance including alchemy and species specific banes. BFUS B
TELEMACHIA Gramarye Ranged magical offences, from the Greek ‘distance’ and ‘war’. Technically inclusive of the use of slings, crossbows, firearms, artillery, molotov cocktails and objects thrown with a likelihood of inflicting bodily harm, but generally used for magical offences such as Malachi’s Globe of Ruin. BFUS B
BLAST-WARD Glyphics A ward, by shape, substance and incantation, that is imbued with Impetus / magical force that erupts on command or with proximity. BFUS B
IMPETUS Arcane Discipline Magical knowledge and praxes dealing with raw physical force BFUS B
AETHERIC SHIELD Glyphics Conjured impetus into a barrier that can protect from physical offence, that physical effects of offence spells, and sometimes other harmful magic as well. BFUS B
HOBNOBS Foodstuff Biscuit product: kind of a flapjack/digestive hybrid. Oaty. Tasty. A lack of in a cupboard can be taken as a sign of malefic wizardy. Not incontrovertible, but still. BFUS B
“…THAT UNDERSTANDABLE…” Quote “…that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away…” – line from Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Different to William Goldman who wrote the Princess Bride (which is a lot better). BFUS B
WATCH Organisation (Supernormal) The enforcement division of the Company… BFUS B
GLYPH Glyphics Glyph and symbol, and glyph and ward can be interchangeable depending. A glyph-stone for example is not merely a symbol, but neither is it a ward in the sense of being simply of a protective or offensive nature. Glyph stones are linked by the symbols on them and the substance in which they are painted; also, unlike wards, they will affect the material itself, warming when its counterpart is set off by proximity being just one example. BFUS B
AETHER General Catch-all term for magical energy… bit like the Force. Sort of. Maybe. BFUS M
OBS Necromancy Hebrew – Spirits BFUS M
TWRCHWN Races Cyrmraeg (Welsh) / Brythonic – A Boar Man, a Therian race BFUS M
THERIAN Races A beast-man, inclusive of various races BFUS M
WARDEN Professional Occupation – guardian / overseer of liminal places on borders and in wild places. BFUS M
PNEUMA AKARTHON Pneuma Unclean Spirit (Greek) BFUS M
CACODAEMON Pneuma Unclean Spirit (Greek) BFUS M
SPIRITUS IMMUNDUS Pneuma Unclean Spirit (Latin) BFUS M
HEX Gramarye Offensive enchantment BFUS M
HEX DOLOR Gramarye A particular hex and one that is particularly nasty BFUS M
CULTY Adjective Of or relating to a cult; technical term. BFUS M
WARDINGS Glyphics Multiple wards but used particularly for collection thereof with a complimentary purpose in a given situation BFUS E
“THE RULES! YOU’RE…” Quote “The rules! You’re breaking the rules!” / “Who cares?” – Lord of the Flies BFUS E
SIGIL Glyph Also ‘seal’ – a symbol usually having an apotropaic or binding effect on spirits… BFUS E
SPARK-CANTRIP Spell Minor spell that causes a tiny pyrurgic ignition from a distance. BFUS E
FUDDLE-GLYPHS Glyphics Glyphs that project a befuddling enchantment / hex BFUS E
“EXPLODED INTO…” Quote “…exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.” – Lord of the Flies; relates to a conch (bloody big shell). Can also relate to chickens. Less ‘white’ in retrospect. BFUS E
ANTI-PNEUMA Pneuma Anti-spirit magic BFUS E
LYCANTHROPIC Races Pertaining to Lycanthropes. From Lycos (“Wolf”) and Anthropos (“Man”) BFUS E
CHAMBER OF PARAGNOSIS Organisation (Supernormal) Department of the Worshipful Company of Magicians collectively dealing with information gathering through esoteric means PW B
TRUTH HACK Colloquial Slang for Diviner PW B
DIVINER Profession Magicians (or, by extension, kith with natural aptitude) trained in and practising divination, obtaining information on the future – as well as the past and the present – through esoteric praxes. PW B
HAEMORRHOIDS Medical Condition Nasty. Avoid these. PW B
SCOTTISH HORSE BEASTIE Creature See Kelpie. Pronounce phrase with a Scots accent. PW B
KELPIE Creature See Scottish Horse Beastie. Pronunciation with Scots accent optional. PW B
SUB ROSA General Latin – Lit. Under the Rose. Secret activity generally, specifically an undertaking that is illegal in the eyes of the Company but what a magician or group of considers to be morally justified. Vigilantism that one might hope is the right thing to do given that instances of the Company dropping the ball aren’t entirely unknown. Or the bat. Or something. PW B
CORONATION CHICKEN Foodstuff A chicken curry / mayonnaise sandwich filling. Scarily yellow in hue; also has raisins. Quite tasty. PW B
DEL BOY Sitcom Character Peckham geezer. Batman’s secret identity. Or something. PW B
ARTIFICE Arcane Discipline The crafting of magical artefacts / items; engages with the somewhat distinct areas of charms and talismans PW B
MAGE General Shorter variant of magician. Use sparingly. PW B
SOMA General Physical components required or aiding spell-work. PW M
PESTILENTA HEX Gramarye Hex causing illness PW M
BLIGHT CURSE Gramarye Hex / Curse causing a wasting metaphysical hunger PW M
SHOCK HEX Gramarye Hex delivering an aetheric jolt to the system PW M
FULGAR General More or less lightning / electricty in wizard-speak PW M
MALEFICIUM Gramarye General term for illegal – or at least highly morally questionable and seriously unpleasant – forms of offensive magic used by maleficers, as well as unethical magicians on the sly. A term for witchcraft. PW M

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