The fantastic view of London in the logo is a photograph from the top of the shard used with kind permission of Elle Field and can be viewed with her other photos and work here:

Elle Field - The View from The Shard St Paul's


The wonderful photograph of the ‘Midnight Goblin’ (one of the main photos on the sidebar and below) is by photographer Jonathan Lucas – the Goblin is actually Daniel Ilabaca, star of The Chemical Brothers’ video for Midnight Madness (see below) and was shot during a break in filming. (At least that’s what Jonathan claims given that if he were to, for example, admit that it was a goblin…)

All variations of / adjustments to this image on this site have been mine – credit wherever looking good to Jonathan, and it’s me in any other event.You can find the photo and links to albums on Flickr here and Jonathon online at these sites:


BCM A Midnight Goblin Jonathan Lucas


And this here is Midnight Madness starring Daniel Ilabaca dancing and doing parkour:


Other images are either photos by me or sourced as free online and / or significantly changed via graphics programs.

All written material is copyright Tim Bayley.



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