Author Information

Tim has lived in the Big City for some 16 years and worked in the book trade throughout that time as a Bookseller and then a Sales Rep, more recently directing his efforts full time to writing, organising events and working on web projects.

It was after finishing the penultimate draft of a young adults book that the urban fantasy character that had lurked at the back of Tim’s mind jumped up and said ‘My turn’, and he spent the last year discovering the seedy underbelly of London’s secret magical society in order to write the tales on this site and the first half of a full length novel of the same.

You can follow Tim on Twitter here: @TimBayley1

His other site is on alternative culture – Film, Comics, Music, Sci-fi and general strangeness and awesome stuff – with a particular angle of London:

You can contact Tim via e-mail: tim [dot] bayley [at] talk21 [dot] com or via the contact form below



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